Corporate Loans Marketplace

We are a platform to connect banks with other banks looking to buy or sell corporate loans. Our Platform can help a bank grow its book, diversify exposure and de-risk the portfolio.

Our company is incorporated in Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”)

Click here for a demo of our proprietary marketplace and here for our patent pending loan posting page

Registered Institutions are free to post, interact and respond to messages with other banking professionals on the website, without disclosing identity. Users have complete control on when to disclose his or her institution’s identity to other participants, if the user chooses to proceed with a Loan sale transaction.

Once you are an authorised user in our platform, you will have access to our proprietary platform. 

Buyers can contact sellers via the marketplace’s internal messaging service; personal details of a seller are no disclosed to the buyer. Our internal messaging system allows for discussion via the platform without having to resort to telephone calls or emails.


Submissions are quick, clean, and market-focused.

Submit your loan with our intuitive drop down form. The loan will be live on our marketplace after approval by admin team.


Find the essentials

When your loan has been approved, it will appear on the marketplace. Quickly see Loan Details, Issuance & Maturity, Interest Details & the Borrower’s Profile.

Interest Repayments Due & Amortization Schedule figures are grouped into the amounts due on an annual basis.

From here, users with access to the Marketplace can message you directly for further information.